This Bitch wants to go to riding!

2015 RAD Bagger Affliction: "BITCH"

Christmas around the corner and we have the hottest bikes in town ready for you to get out there and ride. This 2015 RAD Custom/Central Florida Choppers bagger beauty is sporting her PURE ATTITUDE!  2015 RAD Customs Bagger Affliction: This BITCH will DOMINATE your world. There isn't a hotter bike in Florida than this one.  Flat black on gun metal silver. Single tube frame. Custom Central Florida Choppers 16" bars powder coated flat black. Dakata Digital speedo with every bell and whistle possible to tell you when to blow your nose  or wipe your ass. This bike has AIR RIDE for a 5" drop. Get all the looks of a total blown out custom bagger but with PURE ATTITUDE style. Why ride stock??  $25,000. takes her home today (plus tag, title, registration and dealer fees) Your cash has this BITCH right out the door and under your ass cheeks today. You ready? 



20141116-IMG_9797  Flat Black Beauty (1)   20141116-IMG_9819 20141116-IMG_9794  20141116-IMG_9789  20141116-IMG_9833  20141116-IMG_9815  20141116-IMG_9765 (1)