2017 Bagger Envy “Lacey”

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Starting at $37,900

2017 Bagger Envy “Lacey”

Looking at how fierce this machine on two wheels is can put chills on your skin. It can be intimidating. Or it can intrique you. If you are intimidated at the idea of swinging a leg over pure power, step away now. Our bikes are not for you. But if you are the kind of person who loves an adventure, craves a good ride, and does not mind attention when you park this piece of metal artwork. Yes, art work. People admire a good looking bike for it's looks, it's power. How it makes you feel; much like art. Or like looking at a hot lady, all curves. Hard where she should be, soft where she should be. That's our Lacey. Hot, fast and stunningly beautiful. Can you handle it? 

She was manufactured in 2017. She is sporting a single tube frame which makes her ride smoother than any Harley your friends are riding. Her seat is custom to fit you like a glove. She has air ride suspension that allows you to adjust your ride from firm to smoother and also to lower her when you park down by about 3", making her easier to manuver in any situation. 

Our bikes are in Kelly Blue Book, so you can get financing and we are a federally listed manufacturing company as well as a State of Florida Dealer and Franchise. 

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