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Starting at $8,500.00

2006 Harley Davidson Buell Mutant: Faster than you can imagine, this bike is just pure GO!
UPDATE: She’s GONE! But we can build you her little sister!

12/11/14: UPDATE! This bike is SOLD! She's gone with her new owner so keep an eye out, you will see her zipping around town!

This little Mutant is an attention whore! Faster and meaner than the big bikes, she's all ATTITUDE and she's got the juice to prove it. Not for the biggest men out there but certainly not for the faint at heart! Let's see if this bike is your speed! Call CFC today and take her home! Bike is sold ASIS.  She's used but not abused! This is a well taken care of and refurbished bike, worth every penny. Hey chicks: this bike is perfect for you! She is light weight and easy to manuever, but fast enough to keep up with the big dogs in the pack. Why ride bitch when you can have those dogs following your ass?  And you will look so hot, they will be following! See if they can keep up!

  • Year Built: 2006
  • Model: yep
  • Engine: Hopped up 1200
  • Transmission: Harley
  • Frame: Redneck
  • Shocks: No/rigid
  • Rear Wheel: yes
  • Painter: Vicious Cycles
  • Rear Fender: Short one
  • Handle Bars: Drag
  • Seat: Thrasher
  • Pipes: LAFs
  • Carb: Makuni
  • Primary Drive: Stock
  • Front Suspension: Buell
  • Front Wheel: Stock
  • Color: Black with Silver race stripe
  • Front Fender:
  • Gas Tank: Peanut
  • Foot Controls:
  • Brakes: Buell


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