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Starting at $35,500.

You won’t see another bike like this around town unless we built it! She has a FLAME THROWER exhaust system for some night fun and a DVD player in her dash!

CFC sold 2

HOT DAMN! This bike is so hot she even comes with  Hot Licks Exhaust system that throws some wicked flames! What else can we say about Sinnamon? She's hot. Anywhere this bike pulls in, people stop and stare. Don't be afraid to be the center of attention! This 2012 Harley Davidson Custom Road Glide is tricked out. She is featured on our latest commercial with our own CFC girl. You can also see her in our last commercial, so she's got some fame behind her, too. And she deserves every bit of it. Can you handle it??  

3/10/15: NOTE: This bike SOLD! But we know you want to take your STOCK Road Glide and make it cool like this and we can do that for you! Call today!

  • 103 Cubic Inch 6 speed
  • Candy Apple paint job with metal flake
  • Cams
  • 26" Front
  • Extended bags
  • Custom fairing with DVD stereo
  • 14" bars
  • Slimline  custom pizza box
  • Yaffee Exhaust

Call 407-277-1433 for more info about making your STOCK bike look THIS cool!


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